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ADAC Brake Test: ATE Ceramic Takes First Place

  • ATE Ceramic ranks highest in a comparison with five other brake systems
  • Outstanding safety and durability: top score for wear resistance, second-best rating for braking distance


Schwalbach, Germany, July 2021. In a prestigious brake test conducted by Germany’s largest automobile club, ADAC, ATE Ceramic brake pads have taken first place in a comparison with five other brands, winning an overall rating of 1.7 (good). The tests covered a total of six different brake pads and disks, including one OE product, several brand-name brakes and sports brakes, and a budget brake. In combination with Original ATE brake disks, ATE Ceramic brake pads scored well above their competitors in terms of wear. In a test under realistic conditions with heavy braking loads, they achieved an overall rating of 1.0 – more than a full point above the nearest competitor. In the braking distance test they placed second (1.5) and had good friction characteristics. ATE is a brand of the technology company and automotive supplier Continental.

“ATE Ceramic brake pads offer two key advantages: a high degree of safety, as shown by the brake test results, and durability,” says Continental product manager Maik Spengel. “Thanks to their special pad formula they have very low abrasion, which means they generate less brake dust. This not only reduces wear, it benefits the environment – and it ensures satisfied customers for workshops.”

“We’re especially happy that the ADAC has confirmed the outstanding characteristics of ATE Ceramic brake pads, following the innovation prize 10 years ago at the tire industry trade fair in Essen,” adds Peter Wagner, head of the OE & Aftermarket Services segment at Continental. “The test results show that ATE brake pads are equal to OE products in every way.”

The complete ADAC test report is available (in German) at www.adac.de.


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