A brand of Continental.

Drum brakes

Proven, state-of-the-art technology

It’s all about quality

ATE spare parts for drum brakes always fit perfectly and are very durable – because when it comes to materials and processing, we have only one requirement: the highest possible quality.

We achieve excellent results thanks to first-class materials, accurate manufacturing and extensive testing.

Fast and safe installation

Careful work doesn’t always have to be time-consuming, but it has to guarantee the highest possible degree of safety - and we make that possible. That’s because ATE brake shoes and brake drums can be installed easily... after all, everything fits together perfectly. Our kits with pre-assembled parts also make it much easier for workshops – they can really save a lot of time.

Drum brake shoes

Better than the standards demanded by the vehicle manufacturers

Brake drums

Quality of this standard is essential


Cleverly combined