A brand of Continental.

Hydraulic parts

All-purpose precision

A lot more safety

Reliable hydraulic parts are crucial for safe braking – and with ATE parts, you can always rely on the highest quality.

Why? Firstly, because we scrutinise every detail; and secondly, as experts in braking systems, we know exactly what constitutes the perfect interplay of hydraulic parts. Millions of drivers have already benefited from our specialist knowledge.

A truly comprehensive range

ATE hydraulic parts are available for virtually all popular European vehicle models – and all of our experience has flowed into every part.

From the brake calliper to the brake hose – the spare parts you need are always available and they fit perfectly. For powerful and reliable braking performance in all situations.

Brake callipers

The whole programme from a single source

Master brake cylinder

Technology that sets standards

Wheel cylinders

Lightweight and durable

Brake boosters

Performance across the board

Brake force reducing valves

The new generation

Brake hoses

They perform best under pressure

MK60 ABS control unit

Because only the original is original

Electric parking brakes

OE quality from ATE