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  • ATE special tools assist workshops to perform a great variety of brake repairs.
  • All ATE special tools can be viewed in the tool catalog on the ATE website.

Frankfurt am Main. Along with a comprehensive portfolio of brake wear parts and replacement parts, ATE offers motor vehicle garages everything they require for professional brake repairs. For example, bleeding units and testers for brake servicing are a regular feature of the product range for workshops, and smaller special tools as well, without which proper brake repairs are not possible, are included in the range.

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In practice, motor vehicle garages must be able to handle maintenance work on different brake systems. And each car brake system calls for specific work steps and the use of special tools such as the ATE manual impact screwdriver set. This tool set provides a remedy when the retaining screws of disk brakes are rusted tight. With the ATE manual impact screwdriver and the bits for the common cross-head screws, hexagon socket screws and TORX screws, the retaining screws can be removed without any problem and without causing damage – even if the corrosion has reached an advanced stage.


A frequent problem in the case of integrated compact wheel bearings is that they become skewed while being fitted on the axle journals. When an attempt is made to pull the disk or drum off the axle journal again, the wheel bearings often are irreparably damaged. TheATE mounting sleeve set offers the right mounting sleeve for almost every diameter. The use of the right sleeve can prevent the wheel bearing from skewing and becoming jammed on the axle journal..

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Floating brake calipers often pose a problem for car workshops in that the guide pins cannot be loosened or screwed tight with conventional tools. The reason for this is usually the complex construction of the brake system. For this problem too, ATE has a solution: with the pivot-head ratchet spanner of the ATE hexagon socket bit set and the appropriately short sockets, the mechanic can loosen or tighten any pin – even in inaccessible places.

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Another problem encountered in floating brake calipers is solved by the new honing brush. To locate floating brake calipers, greased guide pins are used in some brake systems, and sealed with boots. If these boots are damaged, the guide bushings in the caliper support will become corroded. As a result, the caliper guide becomes stiff and problems will arise, like noise development and brake judder With the new honing brush, the guide bushes are polished down to the bare metal again. Thanks to the specially matched diameter, the bore remains undamaged. It takes only seconds to clean the guide bushes, and that usually eliminates the problem.

Special tools from ATE like the manual impact screwdriver set, the mounting sleeve set, the hexagon socket bit set or the honing brush greatly facilitate the brake servicing work of motor vehicle garages. Moreover, compared with repairs using "standard tools" the risk of damaging the brake system is much reduced. The entire range of ATE special tools can be viewed online athttp://www.ate-info.de/en/ .