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Coated brake discs

High level of corrosion resistance, classy looks

Truly impressive

We are twice as demanding when it comes to our coated brake discs – because not only the function has to be perfect, but also the appearance. That’s why we use a highly-durable alloy for the coating and apply it very carefully. The result is first class in every aspect!

In original quality... of course

Everything about the coating is best OEM quality. It serves as reliable corrosion protection and is resistant to high temperatures. That’s why it will look good for a long, long time – and also continue to provide optimal safety.

Wide choice

Coated brake discs from ATE are available for virtually all the well-known vehicle models.



Unpack it, install it, done!

The coated brake discs don’t have to be cleaned before installation and can be very easily installed.

Clean wheels, more comfort

For even more comfort, we recommend low-dust ATE Ceramic brake pads as a perfect match for the coated brake discs. 


A General Operating Permit is required for bolted brake discs!

You can download it here.

Service information

Running in coated brake discs

Service info (PDF)